What is MCT Oil and Its Benefits?


It is out in the open that coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy fats together with countless of uses in beauty products and cooking. But are you aware that MCT oil is similar kind of oil but more concentrated and offers plenty of benefits.

Medium Chain Triglycerides or short for MCT are the fatty acids of certain length. MCT oil at https://ketomct.com is a type of oil that’s made up of several of these medium chain triglycerides. It is tasteless and translucent liquid at a room temperature. All fats have hydrogen and carbon but they are all varying in length. By definition, the short chain fatty acids have five or fewer carbons while the medium chains got 6 to 12 and lastly, the long chain fatty acids got more than 12. The MCT are deemed to be beneficial and easily digestible fats and rather than being metabolized via digestion like any other foods, these fats are actually processed in our liver. MCT is providing lasting energy and absorbed by the body easily.

There are other fatty acids that are also classified as MCFA or Medium Chain Fatty Acids like the hexaonic acid or caproic acid, the octanoic acid or caprylic acid, dacanoic acid or capric acid and dodecanoic or the lauric acid. MCT oil may be a mixture of several of these kinds of MCFAs and is often extracted either from palm or coconut oil, which are rich natural sources. MCFAs are found as well in goat’s milk, human breast milk, butter, cheese and other kinds of dairy.

Whether it is consumed whole from palm or coconut oil or in concentrated form, these MCT oil provide plenty of benefits.

Easier Digestion

MCTs at ketomct.com do not need bile salts in order to be digested and can directly pass from the body’s digestive system to blood without being altered by digestion such a long chain fats. This actually makes it easier to digest and use compared to the long chain fatty acids.

Since they’re relatively easy to use and absorb, MCTs are typically a great choice for those who are struggling with fat absorption, lack of gallbladder or digestive problems.

Good Source of Energy

Because of the reason that MCT oils are processed in liver, they’re quickly absorbed and providing sustained energy. MCTs are moving passively as well through the hepatic portal system to liver without going through longer digestive process. Compared to other kinds of foods, MCTs are not requiring energy for it to be absorbed, used or stored in the body, which makes them nearly the perfect natural energy source. For more insights regarding oils, go to https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mark-hyman/is-coconut-oil-bad-for-yo_b_9701764.html.

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